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ABA Supports Truth in Beef Labeling Legislation

Directors of the Australian Beef Association have voted to support the beef grading bill introduced into the NSW Parliament by Independent Member Richard Torbay.

ABA Chairman Brad Bellinger said, “The bill was a first step towards truthful labelling and a small step towards a beef grading system with penalties for unscrupulous meat traders, who pass-off inferior beef as prime product.”

Unlike most developed countries, Australia does not have a beef grading system and consumers pay premium prices for an inconsistent product at the supermarket and at the same time Australia’s producers receive the lowest cattle prices in the developed world.

“The US has had a grading system for decades, and in the US beef costs about half as much at the supermarket and producers are paid 30-40% more for their cattle,” Mr Bellinger said.

ABA members are angry and disappointed with Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) and AgForce who criticised the bill. Grading has been a long-term industry objective officially supported by all industry sectors. The Torbay Bill is based on the recommendations of a recent RMAC working party report on grading.

Mr Bellinger said, “RMAC and AgForce had buckled under pressure from a minority of processors who did not want grading”.

“Processors claiming that it will add to their costs are really saying; we won’t be able to mis-label low quality beef and pass it off as good quality and this will add to our costs!” Brad said.

“I find it breathtaking that RMAC and AgForce don’t want government to enforce ‘truth in labelling’ laws in the retail and processing sectors, whilst at the same time, they supported the government’s imposition of the very costly and quite hopeless NLIS scheme on producers”.

“It appears that RMAC aren’t interested in truthful labelling for consumers and are only interested in defending ‘flexible’ labelling for processors and retailers,” Bellinger said.

Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney

Variety of Services Offered by the Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney

There are too many things to be concerned about with running a business to be able to effectively monitor and implement marketing strategies. That is why you want to be working closely with the professional digital marketing agency in Sydney, so they can develop a systematic approach to getting your business to the top of the search standings.

These are a few of the things you can expect when you partner with the local digital marketing agency in Sydney;

Playing By the Internet Rules
It can be hard to operate a business and stay abreast of all the guidelines Google has in place concerning links and content. The digital marketing agency in Sydney live in that world, so they are aware of all the rules and pending changes coming up this year. The team will align your content in a way that stays within the rules and is able to withstand any changes coming up next year so you are never losing any ground gained.

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Developing Engaging Relevant Content
While your website might be visually appealing, it might be turning away visitors without you even realizing. The digital marketing agency in Sydney understand the importance in walking that fine line that creates compelling content for readers but is still keyword rich so it draws in the search engine spiders. Creating content that offers readers valuable information while improving the meta fields so the search engines can properly rank that content is difficult, something the digital marketing agency in Sydney of team do effortlessly.

Focusing on the Right Social Channels
Many business owners make the mistake of trying to be on too many social media platforms to reach the biggest audience. This mistake is a waste of resources and could water down your content. The digital marketing agency in Sydney will focus on just the top social platforms and create content that is engaging and gets readers to take the desired action too. Creating the right content will help reach a global audience, position your company as a leader in a crowded niche, and will get your followers to share your content so that your business is exposed to an even bigger targeted audience.

Having the digital marketing agency in Sydney in your corner means that you will be gaining ground on the competition this year. Each month, your business will begin to reach a wider audience that engages and interacts with your content moving forward.

Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

The Power of the Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

The easiest way to get your business to stand out in the crowd is to team with the digital marketing agency in Melbourne. Instead of just spinning your wheels and not even sure when you stand with the competition, these professionals will analyze the results as they take a systematic approach to getting your content to the top of the search rankings.

These are just a couple reasons to be partnering with the digital marketing agency in Melbourne;

Creating a Compelling SEO Strategy
Without an SEO plan in place, your efforts throughout the year could yield minimal results. If you are unable to track your actions, you don’t know what is working and what to scale up. The digital marketing agency in Melbourne will create a compelling action plan that will help engage readers, attract search engine spiders, and move your pages to the top of the search rankings. As the plan takes hold, targeted traffic finds your website more easily.

Scaling the Business as it Grows
While most business owners are running the operations of the business, they are not keeping up with marketing efforts and all that ground gained is lost. The digital marketing agency in Melbourne understand that as targeted traffic finds the website, the business needs to change. Digital Marketing Melbourne GMG Digital crew are ahead of the curve and know how to implement changes so as technology changes, your website continues with its progress without missing a beat.

Social Media Reflecting Your Brand
Social media is here to stay, and when your business isn’t taking advantage of this powerful resource, your competition certainly is. The digital marketing agency in Melbourne will create a social media marketing plan that will get your business in front of a global audience in such a way that they want to interact with the content. Rather than posting advertising messages, the marketing team will develop posts that educate and inform readers, getting them to interact and take action at the same time. By becoming an authority in your niche, it is easier for new traffic to share your posts and pages with their inner circle of family, friends, and business associates.

When you are working with the digital marketing agency in Melbourne, rest assured they are doing everything to separate your business from the competition in a crowded niche. Each month you will begin to see more targeted interaction on your pages and website.

Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Benefits of Working Alongside the Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Trying to stay competitive in a crowded niche is hard enough, now try to balance walking the fine line of digital marketing and you see why you are not gaining sales each year. The best thing to do today is team up with the digital marketing agency in Melbourne so they can shoulder the heavy lifting and allow you to focus on the daily operations of the company.

These are just some of the benefits to working alongside the Digital Marketing Melbourne GMG Digital;

Understanding Monthly Progress Reporting
There is no way to tell if you are making any progress if you are not analyzing your efforts. Even if you do get results, many have trouble understanding what the next move should be. The digital marketing agency in Melbourne will be in the best position to take a closer look at the results and implement changes so things improve month to month. If things improve in one area, those efforts are multiplied to attract a bigger audience moving forward.

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Choosing the Best Social Media Platform
Most business owners will take the shotgun approach with social media marketing and try to post on as many platforms a possible. This watered down effect doesn’t really help to grow a following, it could actually turn off some followers. The digital marketing agency in Melbourne will identify the top social platforms for your industry and develop a plan of attack so that followers become dependent on your posts and interact accordingly. These followers will not only interact with the posts, they will share, comment, and get their following to get involved too.

Improving Website Content and Ranking
Once the visitors start arriving at the website, if the content is all wrong, they will hit that back button in three seconds and be gone forever. The digital marketing agency in Melbourne will create unique and relevant content that is keyword rich and provides helpful solutions to the problems the buyers have. The digital marketing agency in Melbourne team will also analyze the meta fields and clean them up so that the search engine spiders find those posts and rank them accordingly to increase exposure on the web.

By teaming up with the right digital marketing agency in Melbourne, your business will start growing a dedicated following and reaching a global audience quickly. Traffic will steadily increase as a result, which has a positive impact on conversions down the line.

Sydney Digital Marketing Agencies

A Digital Marketing Agency Can Help With Moving a Business to Sydney

In the past few decades, Sydney has seen many new residents. New residents have decided to make this area their home because the city is conveniently located. The city attracts many young families because housing is plentiful and so is economic opportunities. Many young people know that moving here is a way to create a new life for themselves. They also know that moving here means being part of a community that is also likely to continue to expand in the future. The same is true for many business owners. Many owners find it helpful to work with a digital marketing agency in Sydney that can help them make it easy for them to move here from another part of the country. A digital marketing agency in Sydney can make any move flow more smoothly and more easily. The digital marketing agency in Sydney can also demonstrate how to get the business off to a quick start in the region.

Moving can be a difficult process requiring a lot of attention to detail and help from all members of the team. The digital marketing agency in Sydney can get the move off to a wonderful start by showing them to how to transition from the prior markets to this new one. With the assistance of a digital marketing agency in Sydney, any client can learn how best to make sure that they let all of their clients know about their new company and new plans for the new market. This allows everyone in the company to know what kind of role they will need to assume as the move continues. Digital Marketing Sydney GMG Digital can provide a much needed blueprint that allows company officials to focus all of their attention on their new plans for the new office in Sydney.

Consequently, each office manager and company owner can take help from the digital marketing agency in Sydney in order to create a detailed plan about their new efforts to open up a new space in the area. They know well how to demonstrate how to capture clients in the area using a well tuned budget and lots of thoughtful efforts. This way, company officials can be assured of having a well qualified agency with them as they make the transition into their new city. They know that they have the skilled help that makes it possible for them to begin their business here from the very first day.